Be There EP Out Now + Virtual Show Tonight

I’m very proud to say that my new EP “Be There” Is out now. Listen anywhere music is available digitally. The EP will also be Side 1 of a limited edition vinyl via on Styles Upon Styles. Side 2 will include last year’s Ceilings EP. It is a real treat to put this together. Thanks for listening.

Click here to hear the EP.

Thanks to Stereogum for a lovely write-up on the release:

“…exists in continuum with Thom Yorke and Solange…And it all wraps up with dance-floor banger “Raise You Up,” where Denitia is caught up in an intensifying affection: ‘I wanna raise you up higher/ Oh, the stakes are getting higher.’ In and out in just 16 minutes, it makes a strong impression.”

Read the whole article here.

Join me tonight (10.16.18) for a special livestream performance in celebration of the release.

New Song 'One Day' Premiere via The Line of Best Fit

I imagined myself, a self both real and imaginary, in a time lapse over 20 years, pouring the same coffee every morning, barraged with the same ideas, desires, hopes," says Denitia of the track. "And every day walking out the door, doing something other than that. Saying to oneself ' day...I will...' Growing up, I was always much younger than my classmates growing up, this idea of time, being ahead, or behind or staying ahead has always been on my mind. And now as I get older, I wonder 'Is it too late? Is it too soon? Too fast, too slow?' Well, what if we decided that time didn't own us or owe us. Wrap our arms around our ideas, our beloveds... don't save it for later. What if we decided we could do anything and it doesn't matter what we did or didn't do before be it right on time, or much too late. We aren't beholden to time, only to ourselves. Just grab the moment and be in it. One day never comes...

Read more at The Line of Best Fit here

Listen + Watch "One Day" via YouTube here

New Song "Special" out now

"Special" is out now. 

written by Denitia, produced by Sean McVerry at Shifted Recording, Brooklyn.

'Denitia takes a smooth R&B approach to 'Special', singing over a low bassline and spaced out keys. With such a passionate chorus, it feels like a love song. If nothing else, it is filled with a healthy amount of sensual respect. The outro on the track is particularly captivating, with Denitia’s voice drifting further into the distance until the fade out.' - Read more at The 405


Listen to "Special" now --->  HERE


New Song Today - "Never Told You"

Written and recorded entirely by Denitia in her home studio in the Rockaways, 'Never Told You' is the second in a series of 2018 singles. 

“There are
some moments in life where you realize
you’ve been in the same place for too
long, it’s time to move around. Knowing
what it is you want is key. Passion can
only drive you so far if you don’t know
where you want to go. It’s beautiful to
have aim...."


Bound to Happen//Waiting Music Video

The 2-part music video for "Bound to Happen" and "Waiting" has made its way into the world today via the support of Afropunk today. 

The piece was directed by visual artist, Natalia Molina, and takes the viewer on a journey of discovery into freedom. 

Afropunk writes:

"A genre-defying artist who modernizes both rock and soul, Denitia is back with more confidence than ever, confidence you are bound to feel boosted as you watch soul-striking video."

AFROPUNK has premiered a two-part visual piece to Denitia's brilliant EP, Ceilings, check out the new video combining "Bound To Happen" and "Waiting"'

Read more and experience the visual here. 

Ceilings EP is out Now

Denitia's 'Ceilings' EP made its way into the world on Friday via a lovely premiere on Here's what they had to say:


Get ready to meet your new favorite artist:

New york-based singer Denitia Odigie is entering the scene with a bang with the release of her debut EP “Ceilings“.

A 4-track long ode to personal liberation, listeners are gifted a truly enlightening experience in the soothingly energizing works of the self-proclaimed Rock/Soul performer.....

A modern, electro-splattered take on an old genre, perfect for almost any mood, with relatable lyrics and feel-good melody: this EP is an award to summer 2017- don’t let it go to waste...

Read more over at Afropunk. 

Then head on over to Bandcamp to grab your very own digital copy of 'Ceilings.'

Pitchfork Review - 'Waiting'

The folks over at Pitchfork took a listen to the first track from the upcoming EP, Ceilings, and here's what they had to say:

"The overall effect is upbeat—the key is major, the pace propellant—and Denitia sounds like she’s been feeling around for this type of contentment. The familiarity of a line like “we’re all just waiting, we’re all the same” might scan as banal in other hands, but Denitia’s conviction is real. She sounds, almost and finally, happy..."


New Song Today 'Waiting'

The first single from the upcoming EP, "Ceilings" out 7.21.17

New Song Today


Listen HERE

Denitia: "Waiting" is this realization that this earth doesn't belong to anyone. How we've organized ourselves into a hierarchy, the haves and the have-nots, really blows my mind. I believe that we are all spiritually connected and that much conflict arises from denying that. No matter who you are, you are trying to figure out purpose and we all long for one. We are all one and I wanted to create a mantra for that."