New Song 'One Day' Premiere via The Line of Best Fit

I imagined myself, a self both real and imaginary, in a time lapse over 20 years, pouring the same coffee every morning, barraged with the same ideas, desires, hopes," says Denitia of the track. "And every day walking out the door, doing something other than that. Saying to oneself ' day...I will...' Growing up, I was always much younger than my classmates growing up, this idea of time, being ahead, or behind or staying ahead has always been on my mind. And now as I get older, I wonder 'Is it too late? Is it too soon? Too fast, too slow?' Well, what if we decided that time didn't own us or owe us. Wrap our arms around our ideas, our beloveds... don't save it for later. What if we decided we could do anything and it doesn't matter what we did or didn't do before be it right on time, or much too late. We aren't beholden to time, only to ourselves. Just grab the moment and be in it. One day never comes...

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