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New Song "Special" out now

"Special" is out now. 

written by Denitia, produced by Sean McVerry at Shifted Recording, Brooklyn.

'Denitia takes a smooth R&B approach to 'Special', singing over a low bassline and spaced out keys. With such a passionate chorus, it feels like a love song. If nothing else, it is filled with a healthy amount of sensual respect. The outro on the track is particularly captivating, with Denitia’s voice drifting further into the distance until the fade out.' - Read more at The 405


Listen to "Special" now --->  HERE


New Song Today - "Never Told You"

Written and recorded entirely by Denitia in her home studio in the Rockaways, 'Never Told You' is the second in a series of 2018 singles. 

“There are
some moments in life where you realize
you’ve been in the same place for too
long, it’s time to move around. Knowing
what it is you want is key. Passion can
only drive you so far if you don’t know
where you want to go. It’s beautiful to
have aim...."