denitia odigie

New Song "Special" out now

"Special" is out now. 

written by Denitia, produced by Sean McVerry at Shifted Recording, Brooklyn.

'Denitia takes a smooth R&B approach to 'Special', singing over a low bassline and spaced out keys. With such a passionate chorus, it feels like a love song. If nothing else, it is filled with a healthy amount of sensual respect. The outro on the track is particularly captivating, with Denitia’s voice drifting further into the distance until the fade out.' - Read more at The 405


Listen to "Special" now --->  HERE


Ceilings EP is out Now

Denitia's 'Ceilings' EP made its way into the world on Friday via a lovely premiere on Here's what they had to say:


Get ready to meet your new favorite artist:

New york-based singer Denitia Odigie is entering the scene with a bang with the release of her debut EP “Ceilings“.

A 4-track long ode to personal liberation, listeners are gifted a truly enlightening experience in the soothingly energizing works of the self-proclaimed Rock/Soul performer.....

A modern, electro-splattered take on an old genre, perfect for almost any mood, with relatable lyrics and feel-good melody: this EP is an award to summer 2017- don’t let it go to waste...

Read more over at Afropunk. 

Then head on over to Bandcamp to grab your very own digital copy of 'Ceilings.'